Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 50, Numbers 1&2 (2014, printed July 2014)

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The Beginnings of Prehistoric Archaeology in Baja California, 1732‒1913

Don Laylander

An Analysis of Glass Artifacts from the Chapel Complex Excavation

Stephen R. Van Wormer

More on Cetacean Effigies

Henry C. Koerper, Ivan Snyder, Galen Hunter, and Joe Cramer

A Unique Asphaltum-Coated Brownware Pot

Henry C. Koerper, Richard Gossett, and Jerry Schaefer

A Unique Incised Tablet from CA-LAN-138

Henry C. Koerper, Galen Hunter, Ivan Snyder, and Joe Cramer

A Steatite Crucible Containing Ten Tarring Pebbles: Implications for Waterproofing Cuyama-Style Basket

Galen Hunter and Henry C. Koerper

An Unusual Feature at the Malaga Cove Site: A Conglomeration of Asphaltum Tarring Equipment, Magico-Religious Objects, and Much More

Henry C. Koerper and Joe Cramer