Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 48, Numbers 1&2 (2012, printed May 2013)

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Prehistoric and Historic Brown Ware Pottery from the Pala Road Bridge Site
Philip de Barros

Coastal Brown Ware Ceramics from Camp Pendleton, San Diego County

Jerry Schaefer

Lake Le Conte Pottery and Southern California Archaeology

Ronald V. May

Ceramics from Northern Baja California

Antonio Porcayo Michelini

Paipai Pottery Past and Present: Evolution of an Indigenous Ceramic Tradition

Lee Panich and Michael Wilken-Robertson

Nineteenth Century Kitanemuk Ceramic Production
David D. Earle and Darcy Wiewall

An Inventory of California Pottery at the Fowler Museum, UCLA

Hidonee Spoonhunter and Wendy Teeter