Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 39, Number 4 (2003, printed May 2008)

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The Context of the Cemetery at Fort Ross: Multiple Lines of Evidence, Multiple Research Questions
Lynne Goldstein and Robert A. Brinkmann

A Reassessment of Obsidian Hydration Ages of Projectile Point Types from the Coso Volcanic Field Alexander K. Rogers

SDI-4553, Major Shellfish Genera and Prehistoric Change on the San Diego County Coast
Don Laylander and Dave Iversen

Environmental Significance of Oxygen Isotopes in the Bivalve Protothaca grata from Archaeological Sites in Northeast Baja California
Miguel A. Téllez Duarte, Guillermo Avila Serrano, and Karl W. Flessa

Results of Archaeological Investigations at the La Bocana Site, Baja California
Loren G. Davis