Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 38, Number 4 (Fall 2002, printed February 2006)

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Native Employment of Mineral Pigments with Special Reference to a Galena Manuport from an Orange County Rock Art Site
Henry C. Koerper and Ivan H. Strudwick

New Dates and Data from Archaic Malibu with Some Regional Considerations
Judith F. Porcasi and Paul Porcasi

Early and Middle Holocene Hearth Features Along the Garlock Fault, Western Fremont Valley, California
Jill K. Gardner, Sally F. McGill, and Mark Q. Sutton

Quartz Crystals and Other Sparkling Minerals from the Bolsa Chica Archaeological Project
Henry C. Koerper, Nancy Anastasia Desautels, and Jeffrey S. Couch