Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 37, Number 3, Summer 2001

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Introduction: New Directions in Channel Islands Archaeology
Torben C. Rick

Dates, Demography, and Disease: Cultural Contacts and Possible Evidence for Old World Epidemics among the Island Chumash
Jon M. Erlandson, Torben C. Rick, Douglas J. Kennett, and Phillip L. Walker

Obsidian Source Characterization and Human Exchange Systems on California’s Channel Islands
Torben C. Rick, Craig E. Skinner, Jon M. Erlandson, and René L. Vellanoweth

Dentalium Shell Artifacts from a 6600-Year-Old Occupation of Otter Cave
Jon M. Erlandson, René L. Vellanoweth, Annie C. Caruso, and Melissa R. Rei

Archaeology of Santa Barbara Island: Past Projects and Future Directions
Torben C. Rick