Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 37, Number 1, Winter 2001

Volume 37, Number 1 Cover, Contents, About the Authors (24K)

Excavations at Teddy Bear Cave (CA-KER-508), Tomo-Kahni State Park, Southern Sierra Nevada, California (244K)
Mark Q. Sutton

Utilizing Repository Collections in Archaeological Research: A Groundstone Tool Example (60K)
Colleen Delaney-Rivera

Excavations at the Mystery Column: The Possible Remains of a Wind-Powered Wool Fulling Post Mill in La Purísima Mission State Historic Park (264K)
Robert L. Hoover

A Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) Femur with Embedded Projectile Point Fragment from a Late Prehistoric Camp Site in Long Beach, California (88K)
Paul E. Langenwalter II, Matthew A. Boxt, Lawrence M. Boxt, M.D., and Theodore T. Miller, M.D.