Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 35, Numbers 2 & 3, Spring and Summer 1999

Early Holocene Coastlines of the California Bight: The Channel Islands as Visited by Humans (1.7M)
Paul Porcasi, Judith F. Porcasi, and Colin O'Neill

Extreme Late Holocene Climate Change in Coastal Southern California (234K)
Matthew A. Boxt, L. Mark Raab, Owen K. Davis, and Kevin O. Pope

Prehistoric Bird Remains from the Southern Channel Islands (168K)
Judith F. Porcasi

A Statistical Method for the Identification of Albatross (Phoebastria) Species (58K)
Judith F. Porcasi

Astragalus Bones: Artifacts or Ecofacts? (108K)
Henry C. Koerper and Nancy Whitney-Desautels

A Cowry Shell Artifact fromf Bolsa Chica: An Example of Prehistoric Exchange (187K)
Henry C. Koerper and Nancy Whitney-Desautels

Determing Tribal Boundaries Through Potsherds--An Archaeological Perspective (113K)
Constance Cameron