Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly

Volume 47, Numbers 1&2 (2011, printed May 2013)

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California Ceramic Traditions: An Introduction

Brian Dervin Dillon and Matthew A. Boxt

Siskiyou Utility Ware: A Late Prehistoric Southern Cascades Horizon Marker

Joanne M. Mack

Familiar Artifacts in Artificial Stone: The Baked Clay Tradition of Prehistoric Nothern California

Gregory C. White

Brownware Pottery of the Southern Sierra Nevada

Michael J. Moratto

Brown Ware Ceramics of the Prehistoric Owens Valley

Wendy N. Pierce

Luminescence Dating of Pottery from Owens Valley and Death Valley

Jelmer W. Eerkens and Carl P. Lipo

Fremont-Style Pottery in the Western Mojave Desert?

Melinda Button